Good News for Medicare Spending

Posted by Dorkina Myrick, M.D., Ph.D.

A recent article, “CBO: Medicare Spending Slowing Faster than Expected,” states that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has decreased its 10-year Medicare spending estimate by $137 billion.  The CBO stated that “in recent years, healthcare spending has grown much more slowly both nationally and for federal programs than historical rates would have indicated.”

Proponents of the Affordable Care Act claim that the decreased rate of spending can be attributed to the Affordable Care Act.  However, one article commenter seems to differ with that assessment:

Suzina Pagina states:  “Medicare spending is slowing faster because most medicare recipients can’t get appointments with physicians in a timely manner, or at all. Hey, why didn’t we think of that before? If the doctors don’t see them, they won’t send Medicare a bill. If you think it’s a joke, try being a military retiree on Medicare.”


Viebeck, Elise. “Medicare Spending Slowing Faster Than Expected.” The Hill Healthwatch. February 5, 2013. Website. Retrieved February 8, 2013.


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